Das KloHäuschen,p
Perhaps the most neutral of all venues, and relating to a visiting project from Ireland, the "Seedbank of Love and Stories" for which we brought stones and stories, taking part in proceedings which were something akin to a travelling minstrel show... Having something nomadic about it while rooted in daily reality... Here the actors were in fact the stones, and we humans just the conduits through which their stories could be animated to poetry and music, theatre and palm-held cinema...

The KloHäuschen itself is but a pissoir, one part of a small building that used to cater to the needs of the public at the large wholesale fruit & veg market built in the 1920,s.. Nowadays the more modern buildings have their own amenities, so the public toilets are defunct... Except for this small space run by Anja Uhlig for the last ten years... 
(really intriguing place, myself, I like the motion of  flugobst in der bananenreiferei)

( wikipic, owned by the Grosshandelsmarkt München)

We participated in a small object concert presented by "Ok Decay". On tuesday by way of making acquaintance, and felt right at home: fun participatory streetperformace on the small shady esplanade in front of the KolHäuschen, Anja U. Herself lugging some crates of beer & juice to offer at democratic prices, mixing art-hounds and passers-by, all in a very pleasent and unfettered atmosphere... So, perfect for our first presentation of stones, be they visiting Laetitia stones or traveling stones to add to the collection of the exchange program from Doohoma (irl)... The small esplanade as crossroad for all the passing stories... By chance there was a thrift-market taking place just inside the gates of the Grossmarkthalle, so all sorts of exotic people from far, wide and exceedingly local passed our emplacement... 

Buktapaktop delegation in front of Das KloHäuschen  (© Anja Uhlig, Realitätsbüro)

The proceedings went well (see report 2 and 3 in the main blog for details) and the presence of traveling and sedimentary stones was a good handle for all the cross references that were to take place during the week... Connecting Einstein the scientist with the street and the former brewery now housing the jazz club venue we were to perform in a couple of days later... And, if you will, the Pflastersteine referred to in the march against indifference... Behinderung ist rebellion, in turn attached to the no/non-picknick at the Pavillon in ABG... So all round... Local as well as the international interconnections ( which we also indulged in, Julien having brought a stone from the Iranian desert with him...)

here in any case are the videos of each contribution






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