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This blog is mainly a preliminary chronological rundown (up) of proceedings during an excursion by the BUKTAPAKTOP group to Munich between the 1st and 10th of July 2019. Accompanying pages (right) will be augmented as we attempt some analysis and interpretation of the actions undertaken.

special thanks go to

Die Färberei,
for leaving us the run of the place as our central headquarters
Club Zwei 
for organizing the wonderful series "OPEAN"

the WBI for assisting in making the trip possible...

and of course all other venues that received us with open arms:
Das KloHäuschen,
Kunstpavillon im Alten Botanischen Garten,
Kösk, Ligstalz8, etc etc

(see below and pages at right for more)


the soul

Saturday saw the culmination of our combined efforts in our main base of operations,
Die Färberei, where we could practically do whatever we wanted; subdividing into gallery downstaris with projection...

there was a proposal by IPUT direct St. Turbo
to play Brecht's 'EXIT' at the beginning...
which in the end did not happen (due to the hole I think) 
but here it is if you like 

 and the nervecenter in the former archive space on the first floor, a sort of playroom of ideas and contributions, documentation and such, and then the main office/bakery on the top floor, where brains would steam and sweat would rund from Finish and Belgian brows...

But the main event was the combination of the two strains between Bukta Paktop and the MRCVE,
the so-called 'colloquia' in which the exchange of interpretations would occur and the differences and/or similarities become apparent:

the construction of a non-human humanoid, using 11 sorts of baking recopies, of which most very traditional and part of our human heritage, with, to top it off:  the soul - made from living dough some three hundred years old...
MRCVE spent three days baking the man, and it was up to BUKTA PAKTOP to imbue it with life!

here Bukta-members consider their options...

rituals with stones were of no avail, and even after injections with extra strong caffein solution, mo sign of life was to be registered, at which pint we mound forces (both the two groups as well as the public) to commence an autopsie....

most visual material on video,
more soon!



Friday 5 July, 8 P.M. Einstein Kultur, Einsteinstrasse

 soundchecking in the morning

The Opean
(Nr. 8, not number 9, even though it felt a bit like it..)

Well on time for the technical run-through, things started coming together and with the basic structure of our banquet-table scenography, not too much discussion... but given the amount of people the mic-test did take a while.
Headed back by car and assisted the MRCVE which then came back with us, so by 6 we were a full contingent of BelgoFinns lined up to have dinner with Andy Moor and Yannis Kyriakides, our Rebetika counterplayers...

The Eintsein was quieter than I remembered it, the other venues were not operative except the 'Unterfahrt lounge', from whence strains of jazz could be heard... so we were lucky that there were enough people visiting our performance to make it a reasonable success.... it all went without a hitch, slightly long perhaps... or it seemed that way because it was a relatively queiet performance for our standards. After getting seated round the table and having other join us the twitter chitter noisy background made way for individual contributions, beginning with Julien and his bodyprojections – after having passed around his offering of 'spirit in the owl', het began projecting his discourse on his cranium, the stripped his jacket to use his torso....

In the meantie Jérome began shaving, not only his fce but his whole head.... the musicians sort of wallowed about, making bits of sound that sometimes seemed coherent, sometimes not... LL went about chattle chores, placing and displacing plates and things ans stuff and replacine and things and stuff... a circular circumnavigation of the tablecloth she had prepared with th laws of kosher... Dialogist-Kantor dialogued in their oversized self-made readyfound hats, sometimes by way of a short sprint sometimes by drag-guitar and fragments of singing.

Lise broke the upcolmming monotony with her discourse and distribution of papers, quietly reciting, reading, singing and circling the table to sit down here and there, handing out statements “Make Space for Unexpected companions” and “making world is not limited to humans” and “why should everything be profitable” as a sort of retorical non-question nonetheless pertinent in these ultra liberal times where all seems to be about me&money...

 some more giutar-dragging and short bursts of fiddling until Jérome was finished with his shave... all around, now looking like a camp inmate, with his hair floating an a poor basin of soapy water.... (he had considered burning it but this wasn't possible in the space provided)

After the break we were treated to some breakneck guitar from Ex Andy Moor and Yannis Kyriakides on synth, electronics relay rembtika fragment-mix and interpretation... an exciting trip through recognition and discovery, and an encore of course...


Fourth of July

main attraction
4th of July (anti-pic, picnic, pick nick, as you will) at the
KunstPavillon im Alten Botanischen Garten
from 4 P.M.

transcript/partial of the
Declaration of Independence 1776
 SPURensuche /SPURensicherung...

the fourth of july picknick went fine: we arrived on time, which is already an achievement, and proceeded to install ourselves at the south western corner of the Pavillion, which contrary to what I claimed earlier, was built by the nazis rather than being a remnant of the glass palace; ... to house architectual models of social-realist sculptures... that is somewhat unclear/ to be researched.
We were met by a delegation from the Kunstpavillon, (champagne, everyone!) and Anja from the KloHäuschen saved the day by returning my project folder which I had left behind at the Pissior – containing many a sensitive and important document... anyway,
To kick things off I read the Declaration of Independence, more or less until the litany of abuse by the British began... juste the parts that are usually quoted and a bit more... the right to throw off unjust government as mainstay.

Zwischenlösung: Stolpersteine in an interior public space, not quite in front of the victims house but within sight of it...

We then went on “SPURsuche” around the pavillion; looking for traces of the german artists group that was implicated in the establishment of the establishment, being a ruin with no specific function after the war, and in fact part of one of the first artist syndicats in germany...

SPUR, also related for a while to the Situationist International until Debord decided to kick them our with perhaps some doing by latecomer Dieter Kunzelmann, later known as Spassgeurilla & egg-thrower, as well as more serious incidents...

We circled the pavillion carfully, inspecting all the nooks & crannies, but did not find conclusive evidence of the above-mentioned grouping, but quite a few more contemporary grafittos and blemishes, tags and spots... then we proceeded with the reading of an open letter which was included in one of the aerly SPUR publications, a defence of Trocci by Debord, Jorn and De Jong... in english and concerning the US governments attitude towards aforementioned.

Though it was very agreeable to linger in the shade, duty called and we headed towards the other end of the park to participate in the Köskival Parade “behinderung ist rebellion” which led us (escorted by brassband and police) past various stately buidings, the central station and popular neighborhoods to KÖSK... along which route many an onlooker asked us what in … Ankkanannan meant and if they should be offended... but no, it's just a duckhen, a bit different but not different at all...
at the <Kösk there was a wild and woolly defilé de mode in wheelchairs and high heels if you could sport them, but Bukta Paktop had not prepared for this and so war relegated to onlooker... but what a loooker!

at 6 P.M. we joined the Parade of the
KÖSKival 'behinderung ist rebellion'

more later

second / third rep


At a certain point some Finns were seen trundling off, and perhaps I thought, they weren't interested in stone peotry and improv musice, though that would have surpeised me after all those years of perf-madness an megaloud northern folklore... and yes, they were if fact en route to welcome their last member to arrive... and so, lo and behold, we were all present! It had worked, the convergence of the Belgo-Finnish Colloquial delegations on non-human actor network development had succeeded! Now we had to compare notes and figure out a program.

(Beglo-finnish delegations agreeing on 'one for the road' before retiring to a new day of planning and deliberations...)

Rep 3
The next day saw us getting into gear: the MRCVE made a decent shopping list and headed out into the commercial world of consumable perishables, with main fous on baking materials such as flour, sugar, spices, eggs, milkwhey and why... The Belgians meantime conferred and conferred, and also headed for the shops for a noon-day munchy before getting ready for another walk down the Wittelsbacher treeline to the KloHäuschen...

Arriving at 15 hrs sharp we proceeded to unroll a roll, by way of welcoming carpet and collector of traces, across the way: This being Germeny it was quite incredible to see how all the passers-by preferred to risk their lives by jumping into the bicycle lane or even the roadwy to avoid treading on or transgressing the white piece of paper... even after being invited to walk on over through our installation, they didn't trust the situation and made a complicated circumnaviigation rather than to oblige... anyway, after being slightly surprised at that unexpected aspect of our intervention, we proceeded to unfold our project, dedicated of course to Laetitia Yalon, La Titania Altezze (Hélène Bertrand) who would surely have enjoyed the afternoon and who hopefully smiled sympathetically on our efforts from wherever...
(her stones were present throughout, along with stones already present (from other actions) and stones we brought with us for the 'seedbankk of Love and Stories, which was the current activity of the KloHäuschen (see site)...

Havig found a pertinant shred of text at a venue in Antwerp before leaving, I decided to appropriate and read 'as is' – and it fit perfectly, talking about stories and rocks ans whispers on wings... Next up Julien produce images from obscure caves on his hand while speaking of the prehistoric appreciation for animals and stones, somewhere between personal experience and scientific research with a strong poetic slant.

Lise spoke of the moon, with a small sliver of moonstone handing it around, she drew the three main theories of the creation of the moon on the white paper no-one wanted to cross, one being the birth of the moon whan the earth was still soft and maleable, emerging from our planet to the begin an endless cycle of circling, turning to rock along the way – the other the imact of a foreign body, meteor or the like, and the spreading of smithereens that then formed clusters which slowly turning merged into each other to form a planetery ball doing the circular as the third, also a constallation of smithereens that formed after an eruption on earth itself, and then as with the others merged to form a circulatory sferic something... all this while listening and holding onto the sliver of (moon?) stone...

LL on the other had had prepared a story of maritime history; modifying a steamer-company flag to read “Ein Stein in den Weg Legen” - in a veritable agit-prop graphic style reminding one of Rodchenko's call to artworkers worldwide or the famous red wedge to split the whites...

Black was the theme of Jérôme's contribution: he had brought with him coal: that essential bit of our industrial develoment which has become somewhat defunct if still controversial: he washed his hands and face in charred coal, reminding us of the miners who would emerge from the pits exhausted and black: this on the white paper left traces, and his choice of stone to exchange with the seedbank was lilyflake white...

By this time J.A. From Spain had arrived as well as some visitors and the occasional passer-by so as to make the operation a quaint but agreeable sort of poetry reading with performative interlude:

Dialogist Kantor took the interactive section upon them and presented 'mano-a-mano handshakes with clay- collecting enough raw material for a decent necklace, to be cooked and glazed back in Brussels ( even though there is also a ceramics workshop at the Färberei... but there we were already wrestling with the silkscreen deparment...)

We exchanged our stones with seedbank stones, replacing each time a red replica of the only stone to return fro Ireland without a mate or story...

The stories themselves were whispered as we stuck the remaining stones into the blue condom like orfice-bags which the previous performers had prepared and left behind: the impression of which were now part of our large tracing to be presnted in the downstairs gallery at the Färberei...

Phantôme Buk

  c'est une action de 'still standing' que veut continuer les activités culturelles entre temps du lockdown et fermeture de...