Originally it looked like e would be able to do the Munich job with the entire group - a rarity to get all members on the same boat... but alas last minute changes meant we had to agin make due with a delegation...
but our counterparts from Finland showed up as the complete MRCVE (Messianic Research Center for Visual Ethics) so taken together, quite a formidable crowd....

here some links to individuals involved...


Jérôme Giller:

Julien Celdran:

Lise Duclaux:
 foto LL

 foto LL




at a certain point I wanted to know what the MRCVE were up to
so I followed them around town like in the old cold war days... keeping a distance but
not losing sight of them: here Janne and Jussi being followed by HO
at the old cemetery in Munich

Simo Saarikoski

Janne Rahkila

Jussi Matilainen

Asko Nivala

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