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brown card below was too late

Well the reason perhaps that there were not so many people at the Färberei activities is among others the late and rather chaotic distribution of promo: due to last minute changes and the logo-thing ( having to wait for confirmation of financing & then add logos) we ended up in the “pfingstferien” – so production was delayed and so also was the time left for distribution...

But Opean was on time, including the seasonal brochure, so that was fine... Another thing that struck me was the sheer amaont of promo laying around... so the competition was stiff too: I had opted for a low-key, ecological minimized footprint approach, and of course that sort of sets the stage: being pushed off by big colorful bonuses... ha!

Pastinaken raus / Färberei and KPavillonbrochure

But the I was sort of pleased to be shaing the offering s with other productions of the Färberei such as a book by Matthias Weinzierl & Till Schmitt “Pastinaken Raus” a handbook accompanying an investgation project into the resurgence of racism, intolerence and such in German society... interesting perspectives... on the other hand I found stuff like ‘Gauiblatt’ a bit strange – though persiflage, it did sort of rub the wrong way, but then I’m not much into German humor...

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