Friday 5 July, 8 P.M. Einstein Kultur, Einsteinstrasse

 soundchecking in the morning

The Opean
(Nr. 8, not number 9, even though it felt a bit like it..)

Well on time for the technical run-through, things started coming together and with the basic structure of our banquet-table scenography, not too much discussion... but given the amount of people the mic-test did take a while.
Headed back by car and assisted the MRCVE which then came back with us, so by 6 we were a full contingent of BelgoFinns lined up to have dinner with Andy Moor and Yannis Kyriakides, our Rebetika counterplayers...

The Eintsein was quieter than I remembered it, the other venues were not operative except the 'Unterfahrt lounge', from whence strains of jazz could be heard... so we were lucky that there were enough people visiting our performance to make it a reasonable success.... it all went without a hitch, slightly long perhaps... or it seemed that way because it was a relatively queiet performance for our standards. After getting seated round the table and having other join us the twitter chitter noisy background made way for individual contributions, beginning with Julien and his bodyprojections – after having passed around his offering of 'spirit in the owl', het began projecting his discourse on his cranium, the stripped his jacket to use his torso....

In the meantie Jérome began shaving, not only his fce but his whole head.... the musicians sort of wallowed about, making bits of sound that sometimes seemed coherent, sometimes not... LL went about chattle chores, placing and displacing plates and things ans stuff and replacine and things and stuff... a circular circumnavigation of the tablecloth she had prepared with th laws of kosher... Dialogist-Kantor dialogued in their oversized self-made readyfound hats, sometimes by way of a short sprint sometimes by drag-guitar and fragments of singing.

Lise broke the upcolmming monotony with her discourse and distribution of papers, quietly reciting, reading, singing and circling the table to sit down here and there, handing out statements “Make Space for Unexpected companions” and “making world is not limited to humans” and “why should everything be profitable” as a sort of retorical non-question nonetheless pertinent in these ultra liberal times where all seems to be about me&money...

 some more giutar-dragging and short bursts of fiddling until Jérome was finished with his shave... all around, now looking like a camp inmate, with his hair floating an a poor basin of soapy water.... (he had considered burning it but this wasn't possible in the space provided)

After the break we were treated to some breakneck guitar from Ex Andy Moor and Yannis Kyriakides on synth, electronics relay rembtika fragment-mix and interpretation... an exciting trip through recognition and discovery, and an encore of course...

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