first report

First report BuktaMUC

Well got off to a slow start and obviously with th holidays just beginning, it was slow going even to get to Luxemburg… but we made good headway through the heat and held animated conversations about the ramifications of rock-born network theories and such… digressing into a general soup of frech philosophical tendencies of the last half-century…
We arrived quite late but found our way quickly, first passing by the syndicated house L8, where it seemed a sort of conference was going on, and so to Ivi, who was there and where we could depose the first team (Dialogist-Kantor) to the return to L8, this time connecting with the right people and the on to Laim for the rest… it all worked out.

Following day was to get our bearings and we decided quite quickly on what to do where in which space, barring a definate veto from the MRCVE who arrived in the early afternoon and which made for a pleasant reunion… the crew of the Färberei had prepared a table with coffee and nibbles and allsorts, so the day was spent mainly theorizing and reconnecting that actually getting down to brass tacks and working too hard. Havin said that thoug, we did manage to insall a basic point of departure in the ‘playroom’ as sort of theatrical space with pulleys and such from the olf factory, interesting to create suspensions of various guises, preparatory essays and linkages, try-our compositions and just get an overview of what everone has im mind, since we never actually coordinate our collaborations.
Later towards the evening we walked over the Wttelsbacher bridge and along the river down to the KloHäuschen, where we would meet our host for the enxt day and participate in a finissage presentation… mix of music an object theatre, soundscape interventions an poetry…

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