Fourth of July

main attraction
4th of July (anti-pic, picnic, pick nick, as you will) at the
KunstPavillon im Alten Botanischen Garten
from 4 P.M.

transcript/partial of the
Declaration of Independence 1776
 SPURensuche /SPURensicherung...

the fourth of july picknick went fine: we arrived on time, which is already an achievement, and proceeded to install ourselves at the south western corner of the Pavillion, which contrary to what I claimed earlier, was built by the nazis rather than being a remnant of the glass palace; ... to house architectual models of social-realist sculptures... that is somewhat unclear/ to be researched.
We were met by a delegation from the Kunstpavillon, (champagne, everyone!) and Anja from the KloHäuschen saved the day by returning my project folder which I had left behind at the Pissior – containing many a sensitive and important document... anyway,
To kick things off I read the Declaration of Independence, more or less until the litany of abuse by the British began... juste the parts that are usually quoted and a bit more... the right to throw off unjust government as mainstay.

Zwischenlösung: Stolpersteine in an interior public space, not quite in front of the victims house but within sight of it...

We then went on “SPURsuche” around the pavillion; looking for traces of the german artists group that was implicated in the establishment of the establishment, being a ruin with no specific function after the war, and in fact part of one of the first artist syndicats in germany...

SPUR, also related for a while to the Situationist International until Debord decided to kick them our with perhaps some doing by latecomer Dieter Kunzelmann, later known as Spassgeurilla & egg-thrower, as well as more serious incidents...

We circled the pavillion carfully, inspecting all the nooks & crannies, but did not find conclusive evidence of the above-mentioned grouping, but quite a few more contemporary grafittos and blemishes, tags and spots... then we proceeded with the reading of an open letter which was included in one of the aerly SPUR publications, a defence of Trocci by Debord, Jorn and De Jong... in english and concerning the US governments attitude towards aforementioned.

Though it was very agreeable to linger in the shade, duty called and we headed towards the other end of the park to participate in the Köskival Parade “behinderung ist rebellion” which led us (escorted by brassband and police) past various stately buidings, the central station and popular neighborhoods to KÖSK... along which route many an onlooker asked us what in … Ankkanannan meant and if they should be offended... but no, it's just a duckhen, a bit different but not different at all...
at the <Kösk there was a wild and woolly defilé de mode in wheelchairs and high heels if you could sport them, but Bukta Paktop had not prepared for this and so war relegated to onlooker... but what a loooker!

at 6 P.M. we joined the Parade of the
KÖSKival 'behinderung ist rebellion'

more later

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